ROBC President's Appreciation Dinner

What is impossible with man,

is possible with God. -Luke 18:27

The most influential movements in our history all started with a seemingly impossible dream, and the dream we had for our community seemed to be just that. We saw a future for our children where they could grow up knowing the love of God. We dreamed of a school that not only allowed but protected our values. A school that worked with parents in nurturing the children to create strong pillars in our community.

Our dream seemed an unreachable goal until a few members of our community stepped forward and took leadership roles in our organization. They pulled us by our bootstraps, motivated us, and made us believe in our own abilities. They are the glue that holds this organization together.

Everything we have today and all our hopes and dreams we have for the future, we wouldn’t have if it wasn’t for our leaders.

We wanted to show our appreciation to this incredible group of people for all of their hard work, and what better way to do this than a private catered dinner with a professional chef! What followed was a magical night that none of us will ever forget.


A few weeks before the event we started scheming. A secret WhatsApp chat group was formed, orders for the president’s gifts were placed, and phone calls were made. The plan was simple. They believed that they were headed to an event hosted by Anna Snegirev. There, they believed they were going to speak to a group of people on the potentials with the school and the organizations. They had attended events like this before so they were not suspicious.

A Few Hours Before Dinner

A few hours before they were to arrive, we were already hard at work. Those of us that volunteered to help serve wine and food were trained in proper table etiquette and manners. Chef Keya was determined to make this a special night for our guests.


To say that they were surprised is an understatement. They were bewildered as they walked into a beautifully decorated room, with an elegantly adorned table in the center, expecting a group of people they were to speak to but found instead their names intricately imprinted on individual name cards. They were even more puzzled when they realized their spouses had been secretly waiting for them to arrive so they could enjoy the night of pampering and entertainment together.


The surprise dinner was a success! We wanted them to have just one night where they were pampered in appreciation for everything they have done for us and the organization. Chef Keya had blown our expectations away with a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Our honored guests were spoiled, as they deserved to be. We took one last picture of them to celebrate the dinner and for a moment they believed that was the end of the night… until the shop door started to slide open and revealed their next surprise

The Night Wasn't Over Yet

A few hours before, with the leadership board well distracted with their private dinner inside, while the rest of us secretly started to gather outside on Anna’s back patio. With the shop doors closed, we were able to assemble our own little party. We brought our own food and drinks to keep us distracted until they were done.

We didn’t want them to know we were there. They spend every day with us, messaging us and keeping us on track, so we figured they deserved a few hours where they didn’t hear from us or see us.

Once Anna gave us the signal, we all walked across the lawn and gathered in front of the closed shop doors, gift bags in hand, and eager for the big reveal.

Look at these beautiful surprised faces!


Larry, Anna, Dominica, Taisia, and Nick were all given Founders awards for their efforts in the ROBC and Freedom Believers organizations. These plaques will have a permanent home at the Holy Trinity Private School. Every child that walks those hallways, from now until eternity, will know the names of the group of leaders that sacrificed so much for them.





Each of the founders were given vests with their organization’s logo on them. Larry, Anna and Taisia proudly donned the vests with the ROBC logo while Dominica and Nick had that striking Freedom Believers logo.

Special Thanks To Our Chef
Special thanks to Chef Keya for creating a magical intimate evening for our founders. Her expertise shined in her meticulous attention to detail. Everything from the personalized menu cards to the printed name cards and the thoughtful plating added to the experience.

If you ever want to experience your own magical night expertly catered by Chef Keya, please contact her via email at