It… has… begun!

Early Saturday morning one of our courageous leaders, Larry Semerikov, met up with the first round of construction volunteers. These are companies and families that are dedicating their free time to helping get this school ready for students in the fall. They have donated their time, materials, and equipment.

We have been so fortunate to have so much support from local businesses.

Dedicated volunteers are what sowed the seeds that sprouted the ROBC. We wouldn’t have this school without them and we wouldn’t have the drive to achieve the dreams that we have for our community if it wasn’t for those generous volunteers.

Today, our organization took the first step towards christening the Holy Trinity Private School.



Old rotted siding was torn down and will be replaced in the near future with materials donated by a local business.





Walls at the back of the kitchen were torn down to make room for the future expansion for a new kitchen with a walk-in freezer and wall to wall cabinetry; all donated by yet another generous company.






Young men filled wheelbarrows with debris from the demolition that quickly filled the onsite dump containers. The more garbage that was hauled away, the clearer our vision became for exactly what this school could be.





Taking a break from their tireless efforts, our volunteers were then compensated with pizza and homemade pirogi that were also donated by a few generous women in our community.


At the end of the day, we thank God that the Russian Old Believer Community has the power to make a difference. This school and all of our efforts are proof that everyday people like you and I, can make a difference. Whether you donate food, a tractor, or attack siding with the overzealous excitement of a little boy who loves what he is doing… you are amazing! And this is only day one!

From all of us at ROBC to you and yours, we thank you!


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