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The ROBC is dedicated to offering community services, providing a youth program, and has purchased a building in Silverton, Oregon that is currently being remodeled for the Holy Trinity private school.
We are a Christian organization of volunteers funded by your contributions.

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Who We Are

Our Mission

To protect and preserve our faith. We strive to educate and provide resources to our community members of every generation so we can practice our traditions as they are intended.

Our Vision

To build a supportive organization that will encourage a path where all can be guided towards the closeness that our community brings, as well as a better understanding of our beautiful Old Believer religion.

Community. Love. Humility. Respect.
From refugees to community leaders, the history of the Russian Old Believers is one of survival, courage, and determination. During World War I, a group of refugees escaped Russia in order to protect their faith — seeking a better future for their children.

With nothing more than the clothes on their backs and a hopeful dream of freedom, they traveled to countries like China, Turkey, Kazakhastan, and South America — until that dream lead them to America in the 1970s.

Now, in 2020, their grandchildren honor their sacrifice and courage by upholding their long-protected traditions. The ROBC have dedicated their community service, youth program, and private school to doing just that. It’s because of the sacrifice of those that took that fateful journey not so long ago that we are privileged to serve our community as the ROBC.

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Holy Trinity School & Community Center

Russian Old Believers have dreamed of having a school ever since we first stepped foot on American soil. Thanks to the hard work and determination of our volunteers, we purchased a school in 2020. The Holy Trinity School, located in Silverton, Oregon, will be the location of a youth group, preschool, and community center.

Freedom Believers

The Freedom Believers was founded when members of the Russian old believer community realized that local government was passing legislation that would greatly effect their way of life. So, they did something no one in their community had ever done before. They stood up. They went to the capitol. They made their voices heard.

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