ROBC Youth Group

The ROBC Youth Group is led by like-minded community members who have a passion for sharing the love of Christ with our youth. Our hope is to preserve our Old Believer faith by teaching little bits of Old Believer Christian life education at each event, whether it is a fun and exciting field trip or a community service event that benefits the community.

Mission Statement

Inspire youth to live Godly lives, to serve and love the Lord. Invest in our youth by guiding them to use their God given talents to serve their purpose in life. Ignite their passion to preserve and practice our Old Believer faith and traditions.

Vision Statement

To build a supportive and educational program that promotes Love, Service, Passion and to live a Joy-filled Christian life.

Core Values


We are called to serve, and when we serve others, we serve the Lord.


Trust the Lord; know that he has a bigger plan for you.

Respect all of God’s creations.

Respect and obey the law of the land.

Respect thy mother, thy father, thy neighbor.

Respect and care for yourself. Our body is the temple for the Holy Spirit.


Know that God loves you, and so we must love one another.

Be passionate for Jesus Christ, for His church and for the needy.

God’s way is the only way to eternal salvation in the Kingdom of Heaven.


Always have faith in the Lord. With God, all things are possible. 

Praise the Lord for all blessings and hardships. TRUST Him.

Strive to solve all issues with humility, acts of kindness and love.

Sprint into Spring 5K Fundraiser

Saturday, April 2, 2022

The Russian Old Believer Community Youth Group is hosting a “Sprint into Spring” fun run on April 2, 2022. This is a no-pressure 5K event that will take place in the city of Mt. Angel. This event is open to the general public and inclusive of all ages and skill-level. There will also be authentic Russian food for sale at the event.


The goal of the Sprint into Spring 5K Fun Run is to raise funds for the ROBC Youth Group. Our mission for the ROBC YG is to inspire our youth to live healthy, Godly lives, to love the Lord and to serve Him and those in need; to use their God-given talents to serve their purpose in life; and to ignite their passion to preserve and practice the Russian Old Believer faith, culture and traditions. We achieve our mission through monthly extra-curricular activities and monthly educational classes; we also provide quarterly volunteer opportunities for the youth to participate in. This fundraiser event is a small piece of what the ROBC Youth Group does in teaching kids of all ages how to be healthy, how to connect with community members and peers, and how to share their culture and faith.

Events Calendar

May 2022

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
  • Sewing Class
  • Sewing Class
  • Big Al's Bowling Fun Center
  • Sewing Class


The ROBC Youth Group is seeking to identify youth planning to enroll during the upcoming year. Please pre-register your youth by filling out the form below.


What will the youth group be doing?

We’ve already started our first fundraiser garden project. Youth will tend to the garden and help with the farmers’ market fundraiser as a community service. We have very few scheduled fun events as of now because of the pandemic. We hope to do so once restrictions are lifted.

What ages will be allowed in the youth group?

The ages for the Youth Group will be 8 thru 18+. The youth group will be separated into three age groups: 8-11, 12-15, and 16-18. We feel like there may be some kids that are above 18 that may still want to participate. The older kids can help mentor the younger kids as well.

How many children will be allowed to join the youth group?

As long as we have enough volunteers we have no cap on enrollment.

Where will the youth group be hosted?

The youth group will be hosted at the Holy Trinity Private School and community center.

How much is enrollment?

$100 per child. For a family of 3 or more children enrolled, it will be $75 per child.

How involved do parents need to be?

Parents are required to host/chaperone two events in one calendar year. This is subject to change annually, depending on enrollment.

Will the youths be involved in community service?

Yes, students/youths will be required to dedicate 1 day a month to community service. The fun activities and events will be monthly and voluntary.