Every donation to the ROBC supports our ability to help the community. Thank you!

The ROBC was founded when a few courageous people stood up and recognized that something had to change. Their community was slowly losing its traditions and its heritage that for so long defined what it meant to be an Old Believer. These people stepped into community leadership roles in order to inspire the change they knew had to be made in order to save their heritage.

They knew that in order to honor their ancestors long-held traditions and protect the values they held so dear for their children, they had to establish a private school. They knew that the traditions, lessons and values that their grandparents fled Communist Russia to protect would one day be forgotten unless they took the necessary steps to protect them today.

With that thought being their driving force, the Holy Trinity school was born. Their passionate hearts inspired an organized grass roots fundraising effort that has never been seen before in the Old Believer Community. They have the Old Believer community full support and backing. In just four months, by utilizing bake sales, good old-fashioned door-to-door fundraising, and relentless cold calling, they were able to raise over $420,000. They had enough to buy a school debt free!

But the dream they have for their community doesn’t stop there and neither has their efforts. With the help of hundreds of volunteers from the Old Believer community, they are rallying to raise money to turn an old school house into the cornerstone for their community’s future. This old school house will one day be the location of a youth mentorship and recreational program that offers daycare and summer school services as well as evening community events and adult education classes.

We can now offer education and support to a community that has been in desperate need of these services. All thanks to the ROBC Nations tireless efforts.

Our work doesn’t stop there…