Who Are The ROBC?

The Russian Old Believer Community formed together when a group of everyday people realized that their community was missing something. We recognized that even though our people had a strong sense of faith and church there was no sense of unity in the community. We were a people without a foundation. So, we came together to create an organization passionate about serving the local community with programs that were in desperate need.

In just the first six months that the ROBC was founded, we raised over $420,000, bought a school that had fallen into disrepair, and began to remodel that building to prepare for students in the fall. This property will be the cornerstone of the community foundation. It will be the base of operations for our youth group and mentorship program as well as a private school and a community center.

The opportunities with this building are as limitless as our dreams for how we can better serve our society and the people in need.

ROBC Leadership

Anna Kasachev
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“I am one of the founders of ROBC. People said I was crazy on crack for founding ROBC. ‘Nobody’s gonna help you’, and ‘people will eat you alive’ are just a few of the few comments I heard from people. But I believed so strongly in the need to help ROBC, that I did it anyway. We recognized that the Russian Old Believer community had been in the United States for over 60 years and yet we have zero services established. My mission is to help ROBC preserve and protect our way of life.”

Anna is leading the following committees: curriculum, budget, IT, website, logo design, social media, and marketing. She also weighs in and consults on other committees of ROBC and Holy Trinity Private School.

She was born and raised in Marion County Oregon. She is a widow and mother to five children and grandmother of six.

Anna is the first Russian Old Believer to run for a legislative seat at the capital. She is running for House District 22 as our community needs are being ignored.




Larry Semerikov
“I joined the ROBC because I felt I was missing something in my life. God had provided my family and I with so many blessings yet I was doing nothing to show my appreciation for all that he had done. Everything that I have experienced throughout my life has prepared me to take on the monumental challenge of being part of the positive culture shift that the ROBC strives for. I want to lead by example for my children so that they can strive to better their soul and their community.”

Larry is in charge of the school remodel and the Farmers Market Fundraiser project as well as the lead on fundraising for the Holy Trinity Private School and ROBC.

He is the father of five children and is celebrating 26 happy years with his beautiful wife. He spent 16 years building his business in Minnesota and training to lead the ROBC. 





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Taisia Alagoz
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“It is Larry’s fault that I joined the ROBC. He invited me to a meeting and I was impressed with their layout. I recognized that the people that were involved with ROBC were committed and action-oriented. He called me the next day and said ‘I need you to be involved’. It has been a wild ride ever since. I have always felt a passion for our community having a physical centralized location so our people can look at it and say ‘I belong to this.’ I noticed our community was lacking something before I had a family of my own. My true passion is educating the youth and young adults in faith and family.”

Taisia is in charge of the youth garden project and youth group.

She will be celebrating her 20th wedding anniversary in October with her husband Patrick. They have two daughters; Meena, who is fifteen, and Viveya, who is eleven.




Our Current Projects

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Volunteer Program

The ROBC is an organization of volunteers that are dedicated to being the change their community needs. None of our accomplishments would have been possible without the help of our incredible local community stepping up. No matter your skills, ability, or education, we have a place for you here.

Please fill out this volunteer form to find out how you can help the ROBC.


We are a group of people, in service to the people, funded by the people.

We are dedicated to cultivating an organization of people who believe that they can be the positive change that their community needs. Everything we have been able to accomplish so far in our fundraising could not have been possible without our generous donators. So far we have not had the need to depend on government funding for our projects and we want to keep it that way. We believe that everyday people when united in their efforts can create exemplary change in the world, and we are proof of that. Thank you for donating to the ROBC and helping us further our cause.