This is a collection of answers to frequently asked questions about the ROBC and Holy Trinity Private School. If you have additional questions, please contact us.

Holy Trinity School

Is the school going to be open to all Russian Old Believers or will only certain churches be able to attend?

We are working toward a school that will include all Russian Old Believers.

Will there be praying in the school? What is the solution for involving all churches?

We are actively working to ensure all churches are represented and respected. We are involving the elders of each church individually, having meetings between our town hall meetings, and discussing the desire of each church. There are many options on the table, we have not yet decided on one solution.

Will the school be year round?

At this time, we are planning to have a September-May school year.

Do we plan to have more grades next year?

The school is going to get as big as the community wants and allows it to be. The goal is to have more grades added as the school is more established.

How will enrollment be prioritized to secure children’s spots?

To be determined as enrollment approaches.

Will the age cutoff still be September for kindergarteners?

Yes, most likely. We are exploring a preschool option for children under 5.

Will the tuition be per student or per family?

The tuition to attend the Holy Trinity Private School will be per student.

How will the school stay open, year after year, financially?

Donations, tuition, fundraising, and investments are just to name a few. There are many avenues to reach financial sustainability for the school and we are actively exploring all of them.

Will teachers and staff be part of the union?

To be determined. There are many legalities around union involvement (private or government affiliated, etc.) and it’s not something we have explored yet.

What will the curriculum look like?

ROBC will be researching different curriculum and will choose the one that follows our value system best. We are also working with a Russian Theologian who will help create new curriculum and content pertaining to the Old Believers.

What will procedures be to ensure the Private School Teachers will follow a conservative and appropriate curriculum?

There will be oversight by the school board and the ROBC.

Will teachers need to have the same credentials as teachers for public schools?

The public school system requires a masters degree and many private schools do not.

Who will be hiring the teachers, staff, volunteers, etc?

The ROBC is currently undergoing the recruitment process. Please contact us if you have a referral or are interested.

Will buses be provided or do parents have to bring their children to and from school?

To be determined.

Russian Old Believer Community

Is the ROBC accepting donations from people outside of the Russian Old Believer Community?

Yes! We appreciate all of the support and private donations from within and outside of our community.