Will Never Be Forgotten.

The Russian Old Believer History...

We are Christians whose faith and traditions have stood unchanged since the early 1600s. Our ancestors lived in the farmlands of Russia until the Russian Revolution of 1917. At that time, they were faced with making a choice: Faith or Freedom?

They Chose Faith

That choice lead to government persecution. Our ancestors found themselves fleeing Russia in the early 1900’s seeking a country where they could pray in peace. For a time some found peace in asian countries like Turkey, Kazakhstan, or China. Others settled in Brazil, Bolivia, and Argentina.

Then, in the late 1900s they heard of a great nation. One built on liberty that promised their Freedom of Religion would never be tampered with. The land that fulfilled their dream of a safer future for their children, where they no longer had to live in fear of religious persecution. That land was called America.

If It Wasn't for Those That Sacrificed In The Past...

We Wouldn't Be Here In The Present.

With the help of numerous organizations we settled in Oregon — and later Alaska, Washington, and Minnesota. Now, in 2020, the Russian Old Believer Community is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the beliefs and traditions that our ancestors sacrificed so much to protect as we give back to the community that helped us not so long ago.