The piece of land that was donated to ROBC to use looks way different now. Our youth have added irrigation pipes and planted the seedlings that were started earlier in the season. This project sprouts endless possibilities for the ROBC. It will help in fundraising, later on when we sell the produce, and the youth group has a chance to learn the essential skills necessary to grow their own food as well as selling it when it comes time to go to market with the fruits of our labor.


These young gentlemen laid down the paper that would make it easier to maintain the field later on in the season. It has been incredible to see the involvement from the younger generations during this project. Some teenagers were disgruntled but all in all, everyone was in high spirits, excited with the opportunities that this gives our organization and our community.






With two acres to plant we had to pull out the big guns. Here we see Vassa Bodunov using an auger to create the holes where plants would be placed into. Luckily, the heavy machinery made quick work of digging the hundreds of holes.



After the holes were dug into the fabric, volunteers followed with the young plants and carefully placed them into the ground. With everyone’s help, we were able to make quick work of a daunting task. Everyone had a job to do and did it with a smile, sort of.

Zucchinis, tomatoes as well as other plants were transplanted in the ground. We will be selling the future produce at the Farmers Market Fundraiser.

Here Anna is showing the spirit of ROBC in her volunteer work and her glowing smile.



Special Thanks to our Volunteers and Donators!





Anna Snegirev, Elene Burigin and Keya Burkoff are coordinating this incredible project for the ROBC! They also received donated plants from the local community so thank you to those donators as well!

Evan and Enisia Nikiforoff were the ones who donated the use of the 3/4 acre parcel of land. Without their generosity this project could not have been possible.


NOTICE: Large orders for canning/pickling can be submitted directly to Keya Burkoff. Youth Group kids will harvest and have the produce ready to go for pick up.

“The ROBC Garden is another great example of our community coming together to support the organization. Not only is the garden engaging youth, it’s also going to financially sustain programs such as the Youth Group and provide financial support to ROBC through selling the produce at our ROBC Farmers Market Fundraisers throughout the summer. The ROBC Garden is a big deal, and we are super excited about it.”

-Taisia Alagoz, one of the members of the Leadership board in charge of the project.